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2008 was The Scale Broker’s 6th year in business as a exclusive distributor for A&D Weighing Pty Ltd in New Zealand, A&D Weighing as a company has 60 years of service to the Australian Measurement industry. Originally founded as Mercury Scale Company in 1946 by Mr. Gwyn Adams and Mr. Bert Brice, the company has occupied the same location in the Adelaide suburb of Thebarton to the present day.

The earliest days of the company focused on the design and production of mechanical weighing scales using the engineering facilities located within the factory.

A service centre was established to support the product range that was sold and this philosophy of product support and after sales service has been retained by the company throughout it’s history. Mechanical machines continued to be standard fare for Mercury Scales, including a boom period during the 1960’s when trade standards were established and metrication was introduced into Australia.

The advent of electronic technology represented significant change to the measurement industry. This change was recognised early by the directors of the company who moved to embrace the technology into their product designs. This change in technology was highlighted by the change of the company name to Mercury Weighing & Control Systems in the late 1970’s. Design and production of innovative solutions became the trademark of the company as the use of electronics coupled with the existing knowledge base allowed MWCS to provide products to niche markets that were previously unobtainable. In 1986, the new technology was in full flight and the company recognised the need to expand its creative wings further to remain at the forefront of the marketplace.

At the same time, A&D Company of Japan were looking for an opportunity to bring its extensive product range into Australia so an opportunity clearly existed to benefit both parties. The company was then renamed A&D Weighing Pty Ltd. A&D Weighing Pty Ltd were then able offer the market an extensive selection of equipment ranging from the heaviest capacity floor scale weighing up to several tonnes down to a laboratory balance capable of weighing fractions of a gram. A&D Weighing’s product range is made up of locally manufactured products, produced in the Thebarton factory, and high tech products that are imported from A&D Company in Japan.

The local manufacturing component has allowed ADM to secure contracts for supply of weighing equipment to overseas subsiduaries leading to the claim that it is Australia’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Weighing Equipment. In recent years ADM has sought to further expand its measurement capability with the creation of A&D Medical which deals with the supply and service of a range of health monitoring equipment. Again, with one eye on future requirements, ADM have also created a new department dedicated to materials handling solutions featuring state of the art batching systems and in motion checkweighing.

A&D Weighing Pty Ltd was born by innovative people with an outstanding customer service ethic. This attitude has stayed with the business and its people through its first 60 years of business. With a strong team of committed employees dedicated to constant improvements and quality, ADM look forward to the next 60 years with great anticipation.

The Scale Borker New Zealand is proud to be supplying and supporting the A&D throughout NZ, companies such New Zealand Post who now have over 700 scales throughout the NZ post network one of New Zealand’s largest retailers having been using A&D scale for over eight years and still buy today.

We provide ourselves on offering quick response and best value products made to the highest of quality standards in the industry. The Scale Broker is a company that has a very flat structure and therefore can supply products without all the infrastructure costs many of our competitors have.

The company is managed today by David Middleton who has over 28 years in the field of weighing and force metrology, starting out as a Tool Maker in the UK with the standards laboratory in the UK. David believes all business should be a win win situation, “we have to make a profit today to be here tomorrow” that’s why we enjoy selling A&D scales. We could choose to comprise and sell a lower cost product but we always feel “you get what you pay for” when it comes to most things in life.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our history, if you need any assistance please feel free to call or email us anytime.