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Privacy Statement

Except as otherwise provided, we will not wilfully disclose any personal information regarding our website users without first obtaining their approval, unless required to do so to satisfy a legal obligation. By using our website, you agree to the collection and use of your information as outlined in this policy.

We do not collect any personal information about you from your use of this website, except where you have specifically provided us with that information. If you specifically and knowingly provide any personal information to us via this website, you consent to The Scale Broker NZ and A&D Australasia Pty Ltd using that personal information lawfully at its sole and absolute discretion, including for the purposes of providing promotional and marketing materials by other means. You also agree that you have obtained the consent of any third party whose personal information you post to this website.

The Scale Broker NZ and A&D Australasia Pty Ltd, may at their sole and absolute discretion, disclose details of your purchase(s) from its website in its newsfeed for marketing and promotional purposes. If you wish to object to such disclosure taking place, you must notify us in writing of your objection or limitation.

Disclosure of Information

We may share general information about the use of our site with advertisers, sponsors, content providers and other third parties. However, we do not disclose any personally identifiable information to any third party without your approval. On occasions it may become necessary to release personal information, including if we are required to do so to satisfy a legal obligation. Further, as a necessary adjunct to the proper operation of our website, our staff and technical contractors, who are subject to obligations of confidentiality to The Scale Broker NZ and A&D Australasia Pty Ltd, may gain access to personal information as part of their service.

Information relating to financial transactions, (eg credit card details) are not obtained by The Scale Broker NZ or A&D Australasia as we utilise a secure third party payments service.

Email Received Via This Website

We receive and reply to email from website users on a regular basis. For archive purposes we retain copies of all email correspondence. We do not anticipate that the information in the email we receive or send will be disclosed to any third party without the permission of the sender, either express or implied, unless required or necessary as specified in the previous paragraph.

Web Links

Our website may contain links to other sites that are not affiliated or associated with, or controlled by The Scale Broker NZ or A&D Australasia Pty Ltd. Please be aware that these other sites may be owned or developed by people over whom we have no control, and accordingly we are not responsible for their privacy practices. This privacy policy applies only to those parts of our website within our control.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time at our discretion and without notice. If any such changes are made, we will make all reasonable effort to bring those changes to the attention of our website users. An updated version of our privacy policy will be maintained on this website so that you remain aware of the data we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.