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Help & FAQs

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions. We will update this section from time to time as questions are received. If you have a specific question that is not addressed here, please email us at [email protected]

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The Scale Broker has affiliations with dealers across NZ & Australia. If you can’t find what you need in our web store then these affiliates are able to sell and support A&D products and are fully supported with spare parts, access and technical manuals supplied by A&D. Call Toll Free (09) 478 7099 for the location of your nearest dealer.

Contact the The Scale Broker (09) 478 7099 or via [email protected] and they can advise on and coordinate your service requirement.

The head office and warehouse of The Scale Broker is located in Albany, Auckland. A&D Weighing have their Australasian HQ & support centre in Australia.

A trade approved scale has been tested by the Trade Measurement Unit of NZ and been found to comply with the weighing regulations governing trade transactions. When the unit is approved for trade by the TMU . it will carry a distinctive approval number that should be in clear view. Although a scale is approved for trade by the TMU it still must be certified by a licensed scale certifier and a compliance certificate issued. Weightec NZ are able to provide this certification.

If the scale weight reading is linked directly to a financial transaction then yes you will need a trade approved scale. Although most commonly seen in retail stores where the weight is directly multiplied by a price per weight unit to achieve a total price, trade approval is also required in pre-pack or factory applications when packing goods into packages with a stated weight. If pre-packing to a nominal weight, ie a 5 kg bag of product, then a trade approved would most likely be required. As a rule of thumb it is always prudent to check with your local trade measurement authority regarding your particular application to ensure you make the correct equipment selection.

Many of A&D Weighing's industrial scales are produced in Australia and exported around the world. Most of the A&D scientific balances are made in Japan, or Korea. For some of their consumer products A&D now also have two factories in China.

Generally a balance weighs to a finer resolution than a scale. E.g. a typical balance may weigh 3kg x 0.01g and a scale 300kg x 100g. “Balance” is a common term in the laboratory world whereas “Scale” seems more popular in industrial sectors.


Yes, all A&D Weighing products are covered by a warranty period which varies from 12 months to 5 years depending on the model.

A warranty claim should be returned to the place of purchase, i.e. the dealer, initially. The dealer will then coordinate the claim with A&D Weighing's Service Department. A proof of purchase, in the form of an invoice or warranty card, should accompany a warranty claim.

Warranty covers against any defects in the material and workmanship negligence during the manufacture or assembly of the product for the period of the warranty, freight is the care of the sender. Just like the servicing costs of a car, warranty does not cover re-calibration of scales as the need to recalibrate is variable for each customer & application depending on variables such as environment and conditions of use.



Yes, formerly Mercury Scales and then A&D Mercury, A&D Weighing recently celebrated their 60th anniversary commencing business in Adelaide in 1946.

A&D's core technology is Analogue & Digital conversion. Hence the A&D acronym.