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AD-4401A High Speed Batching Indicator

High Flexibility, fully configurable I/O. High speed sampling. Batching, check weighing, loss in weight. In flight compensation for batching. Hold & Peak Hold.

AD-4401A High Speed Batching Indicator


  • High speed A/D convertor - 100 per second, High display resolution up to 1 in 16000, High Internal A/D resolution of up to 1,000,000 counts
  • Monitor & Control weighing & Batching using displayed or internal counts
  • Fuzzy logic or standard Automatic Free Fall Compensation for consistent results
  • Automatic weight or count accumulation
  • Sub display provides visibility of operation
  • Weigh-In or Loss-in Weight batching software
  • NSC approved for trade

Additional Information

Batching controller: 100 A/D conversions per second