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GX-K & GF-K Series Heavy Duty Professional Balances

High capacity top loading balances featuring high speed weighing and settling times. The GX-K series features internal calibration and many models are trade approved. Multiple weighing units including counting and percentage are available.

GX-K & GF-K Series Heavy Duty Professional Balances


  • A&D's Industry Leading Five year warranty
  • Win CT PC Software (free download) - Transfer data straight into any PC application
  • Dust and moisture protected to IP-65 level
  • Patented weighing mechanism Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)
  • Internal auto-calibration (GX-K models)
  • Trade Approved by NMI Australia
  • Ultra Fast response speed - typically just one second
  • Standard RS232C serial data interface
  • Rugged aluminium alloy enclosure
  • Multiple weighing units plus counting, percentage and user programmable
  • Wide range of capacities, to 31kg, and resolutions to 0.01g
  • Built in under hook capability for density experiments
  • Counting has A.C.A.I. feature for optimum results
  • Overload protected to take hard use
  • GLP data output format to suit quality systems.