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Trade Approvals

Equipment Trade Approvals

This page lists the National Standards Commission trade approval certificates that have been issued
to A&D Weighing. The Scale Broker can arrange test and certify all products in their range that are approved for trade use by the Trade measurement approved operator in NZ.

Model or Series Certificate
GP-12KA; GP-20KA; GP-22KA; GP-30KA; GP-32KA; GP-60KA; GP-100KA; GP-102KA 6/4C/220
GF Series, GX Series, GX-K Series 6/4C/219
EW-i Series 6/4C/230
AD4405; AD4406; AD4407 S451
SK-WP 6/4C/216
LCM-13 Series S446
A&D 150 6/9C/250A
OHT600 6/18/17C
ELP 3000, A&D 3000, ADM Weighbeams 6/9C/220B
AD4322MKII S250B
HW-D S354
AD4326A/B; AD4327A/B S314
AD4323; AD4323DR; AD4324; AD4325 S251A
FG SERIES (Prior to 2005) 6/4C/81A
FG-K Series (New Models since 2005) 6/9C/289
HV150KA1; HV150KB1; HV150KB1WP; HV60KA1; HV60KB1; HV60KB1WP; HV30KA2; HV30KB2; HV30KB2WP; HW300KA4; HW300KB4 6/9C/250A
LC5217 (Certificate has lapsed, applicable to replacements only) S287
SA-15 6/4D/284
HV-G SERIES (including HVG-WP) 6/9C/268
AD4329 S387
AD4328 S343A
SF/SG Series; CW Series; SW Series 6/4D/291
AD4401 S362
AP-30 MKII 6/4C/210
EK-i 6/4C/243
LCC11 Load Cell S410
FS-i Series 6/4C/250
SB Basework Series 6/9C/291